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Thank you for being a key part of the Chesapeake 10 Billion Oysters Partnership! To help get the word out about this exciting initiative, we've put together some sample tweets and Facebook/Instagram posts below. For those that have social media accounts, we'd love your help spreading the news about the partnership on Monday during the launch and beyond. Whenever possible please use the hashtag #10BillionOysters—our social posts will have even greater impact when we're rallying around a single hashtag. We're also including some imagery and graphics that we encourage you to use in your posts. Please feel free to reach out with any questions:





  • #DYK #Maryland & #Virginia's economies have lost more than $4 BILLION in the last 30 years because of the decline in oysters. Why we need #10BillionOysters for the Chesapeake:

  • The #Chesapeake #10BillionOysters Partnership's goal is to add 10 BILLION oysters to #ChesBay by 2025. Find out why oysters are crucial to helping #SavetheBay:

  • The #ChesapeakeBay's restoration has the potential to be the most dramatic example of environmental recovery ever seen. The Chesapeake #10BillionOysters Partnership will play a key role in restoring the health of this national treasure. Find out more:

  • BREAKING: Just announced moments ago, the Chesapeake #10BillionOysters Partnership will add 10 billion water-filtering oysters to #ChesBay by 2025!

  • BREAKING: More than 20 partner groups have just announced the Chesapeake #10BillionOysters Partnership. Find out more:


  • BREAKING: Today a partnership of more than 20 organizations, businesses, and government agencies, announced the Chesapeake 10 Billion Oysters Partnership. Together, we plan on adding 10 BILLION water-filtering oysters to the Bay by 2025. Find out more:

  • Oysters could once filter a volume of water equal to the entire Bay in a week. But with their dwindled numbers, today it would take more than a year. To accelerate the return of a healthy Chesapeake oyster population, more than 20 partner organizations launched the Chesapeake #10BillionOysters Partnership today! Find out more:


BREAKING: Today, more than 20 partner groups announced the Chesapeake 10 Billion Oyster Partnership. With a goal of adding #10billionoysters to #ChesBay by 2025, this partnership is striving to restore this keystone species, the population of which is now just a tiny fraction of its historic size. Oysters filter our water, stabilize our shorelines, and provide critical habitat to important Bay critters. See the link in our bio. for more info.!
#ChesapeakeBay #Chesapeake10Billion

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